Sports Guard

Sports Guard

Do you play sports? Would you like to reduce athletic stress on your mouth? Do you want to greatly reduce your chances of a concussion if you were to get hit in the jaw?

If so, ask us about our Sports Guards.

Lactic Acidosis

Whenever we are training or in any type of competition, our natural reaction is to clench our teeth. When you clench, you block adequate air supply which can cause lactic acidosis. Lactic Acidosis is when lactic acid builds up in the bloodstream faster than it can be removed. It is produced when oxygen levels in the body drop, which is a common occurrence while playing sports.

These guards will give you optimal spacing to counteract these negative effects. They are made to pivot your jaw so that clenching does not occur and the airway remains open.

Cortisol Levels

Cortisol levels are also higher when playing sports which can cause stress and fatigue. These sports guards are known to decrease cortisol levels to ensure optimal performance.


While playing any sport, you should always protect your teeth with a mouth guard especially to reduce the risk of losing any of your teeth. Show your team how unique you really are! Mouth guards can be personalized with different designs and colors.

The Armourbite Process

If you are interested in a sports guard, all you need to do is make an appointment to come see us.

  • At your first visit, we will take the impressions for the sports guard.
  • We then send them to the lab. The lab will fabricate the mouth piece for us and ship it back to us.
  • You come in for one more appointment to have the mouthpiece delivered in 3 quick and easy steps!

These mouth pieces are great for improving any game. Protect your teeth while providing the performance edge you are looking for!