Cosmetic Dentistry

Our office wants to partner with you to make sure you have the smile that you have always wanted.

Many people can tell us why they do not like their smile but not always what they want to do to fix it. That is why we are here and we are proud to say we offer many treatment options for all types of dental concerns.

Are your teeth dark or not the color you desire?

Often one of our whitening procedures could be just for you. In office or at home, we can lighten your teeth many shades. We have a really great program available for our patients who want to whiten their teeth and who are part of our hygiene program called Whitening for Life. If you are looking for something more permanent veneers could be right for you. Veneers allow you to keep your own teeth but resurface them with porcelain.

Do your teeth look short?

We can do a procedure called a gingivectomy with our laser that will remove extra gum tissue revealing more enamel.

Do you have spacing or crowding?

Our office offers Invisalign treatment for teens and adults and Orthotain for children. All are simple treatments that move the teeth safely without having to put brackets on your teeth.

Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Partials, Implants

An important fact that most people do not know is that our jaw bones main function is to support our teeth. When our teeth are removed and not replaced overtime we will begin to lose that bone.

We offer crowns and bridges, dentures, partials, and implants that can help replace those missing teeth. Missing teeth can truly affect your quality of life. They can cause changes in your facial appearance as well as cause difficulty eating. If you do not replace your missing teeth other teeth left behind can eventually be affected too.

Composite Fillings

Tired of those old silver fillings called amalgams? Our office uses composite (white) restorative material only.

Composite restorations not only are more aesthetically pleasing, but we believe they are better for you.

When we place a composite versus an amalgam we remove less tooth structure. The composite bonds directly to your tooth surface while extra cuts in the tooth have to be made to retain the amalgam. Since composites bond to the teeth, it is less likely that it will separate from the tooth structure, often amalgams will have microleakage.

Microleakage is when the silver filling pulls away from the tooth structure leaving a space that bacteria can get under. If left untreated, the bacteria can cause decay which may lead to the necessity of a root canal. Most people do not realize that because amalgam is a metal. Every time it comes in contact with hot and cold (all day when we eat and drink) the material shrinks, expands, and over time changes shape- eventually you get microleakage.

In addition, there is quite a bit of controversy over the safety of amalgams being put in our mouth from the mercury it is made with. Some believe that the mercury in amalgam can be responsible for many ailments. For these reasons, our office offers you composite restorations. Our goal is to only provide you with care that is better for you.