Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Are you scared to go to the dentist? Does the sound of the drill deter you from keeping up with your personal hygiene? Is it the needle that bothers you? Has it been years since you have seen a dentist because of your fears?


Well, there’s no need to be scared anymore! Here at Dental Healthcare Associates, we offer Oral and IV Sedation.

Erase years of neglect

Sedation dentistry for our Delaware and Chester county dentists is the solution to take care of years of neglect all at once. Sedation dentistry gives patients an efficient, relaxing and safe option that takes the stress and anxiety out of getting dental work done. It makes getting dental work easy and comfortable.

While you are still able to respond to questions during the procedure, your memory recall database in your brain is deactivated. Thus you are asleep in the memory part of your brain, but not in the reaction part.

Sedation Consultation

It is important to know everything about the procedures that you need and what sedation entails, which is why we offer a free consultation.

We will do a detailed medical history with all necessary x-rays at this visit. We will give you ample time to discuss your dental needs with the Doctor and and will give you reassurance of how oral sedation will benefit you.

Your Sedation Appointment

Once you permit us to set up the sedation procedure, all necessary medication will be prescribed to you, and all consent forms will be signed. Then we will schedule you for your sedation appointment.

  • Someone must drive you and take you home the day of your sedation. You will take a mild sedative about an hour prior to your appointment.
  • By the time you arrive and are seated in the dental chair, you will feel relaxed and maybe somewhat sleepy.
  • The Doctor and anesthesiologist will attach all necessary medical devices.
  • Baseline records are taken. Pulse Ox, Blood pressure, etc.
  • IV is started and medication is given.
  • Doctor will then give numbing medicine for your teeth.
  • Next thing you know you are being told your procedure is complete and our Doctor and staff are helping you to your car via wheelchair.
  • You will most likely sleep when you arrive home and until later that day.
  • The whole appointment has passed you by in a flash and your teeth look great! Now you are excited and relieved that it is all over!

The following day, you will see the doctor for a post-op visit to ensure that everything is going well. Now your treatment is complete and you have your beautiful smile back!